Saturday, August 14, 2010

Failed, but I'm gonna move on!

Increasing core speed by 30MHz do give me a great results, but after a 30minutes fun of stability test, it crashed. =(
So now I increase it to 25MHz instead and run a stability test tomorrow.
Hope it works. =D

Friday, August 13, 2010


Currently doing some overclocking job for my graphics card. Core speed is already set 30MHz more then default and its running good. Increasing memory speed is a failure. Tried it, end up no fps gain and crashed after raised by 100MHz. I'll stick it at default for now.

Just did a Heaven Benchmark 2.1 again and I scored 741!! Woot! Yay!

Whats left is stability test, and most likely pass. =D

Ahh having fun lol =D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yay! Hapi me!

Yes, I finally put it in. The second 5870HD and I'm quite happy with the performance gained now. =D Just solved a problem where I couldn't monitor my 2nd card due to some unknown random errors but its fixed now. Both cards run in default settings, and performing slightly better then before this fix. The pic shows the results of Heaven 2.1 benchamark, left is before, right is after. Its slightly lower then Moses' machine with GTX480, which gives a score of 696. Bahaha, now?? XD just beaten it by tiny little bit.

Haha the last pic is totally unrelated. XD

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Havoc But Awesome Week.

First of all, SC2 is awesome!!! Made my week and possibly the best game ever made. Some of my friends are getting it as well. Few days back, I went to chaddy to buy SC2 for Philson and Moses. Got all excited and soaked with awesomeness but then... It turned up to be European version. FFS, why the hell you sell an European version of a game at Australia? So the following day, Philson when back for a refund and got the right version back. Messy and annoying thing for them.

Games aside, I got assigned to a group of five for my Engineering Profession subject. Hope that is gonna be alright. No bitching until shit happens now.

Gonna watch movie and hang out with Kamal, Moses and Safe(I think) gonna be awesome.
Craving for hotdogs lol.

Question of the day, What counts as cheating?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The WTF Chair.

Well, I went to an early 8 o'clock lecture today and bought a coffee, carrying a happy face and get into the lecture. Sit down, put down my coffee on the table, took up my laptop to finish the lecture downloads. BOOM! The table failed, my coffee spilled all over the carpet and I was like.... ?! Funny thing is, I don't even get a sip of that coffee, really pity whoever sitting around of have to clean it afterward. Then I put my laptop on the table, BAM! My laptop nearly fell, luckily I manage to catch it this time. Class went on normal, still quite basics stuff so far and now waiting for my next class which is 6 hours later. There's suppose to have a class in between but its not on for the first week. Well, I have to head out soon for this class and back to my normal day.

Lesson of the day. Don't randomly buy coffee into lecture halls. Unless you have a personal cup holder or something/someone similar.

Question of the day. What song are you listening to? Please leave your answer at the comment section below. =D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Awesome weekend! And Monday, Class Begins.

Yeah, I went to city to see friends and its awesome.
Watched Knight and Day and its awesome.
Weather was bad and its not awesome but I managed to reached home early.
Did some ICC and got some progression, awesome.

Out of weekends now, today, class started. Its cool, was amazed by the number of student taking Engineering Materials, approx 200? and later that day, went for Engineering Professions. Not bad, but the lecture seems to stutter a little, nervous maybe?

Now, got home, chill a little and tomorrow is a free day! =D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a morning!

Lol, had a funny morning today. This morning I woke up early, feel fresh and nice, had some breakfast and then, I thought of going out for some grocery shopping. However I have a raid to do at noon so I took the risk, run out and get back and hopefully I can make it. Then, funny thing is, I went to the wrong bus! The bus totally took me further away from where I want to go and I eventually stopped at the stop after I got in, which is a train station. There were couple of people dropped off, same as me as well lol but, they eventually went to the city train but I'm not. So, I waited at the train station alone, and dropped off the station after and this time, I'm the only one got off and everyone see through my 'omg I'm so lost' face. Most people chuckled and I was >.>

Off I go, got my stuff, got home in time =D

For tomorrow, I'm gonna meet Daryl Lo (lol, finally) and Daniel Hazmy in city and before that, I'll catch a lunch with Nicholas Teh, somewhere in the city as well. Lol, feel tired just by typing this out. Well, hope I can make it.

Well, I'm heading to my nice and warm bed and getting ready for tomorrow.

Friday, July 16, 2010

What a Friday!

Lol, if I don't check the day today, I don't really know that today is Friday. First of all, I had some awesome breakfast today, honey+butter pancake and some eggs. Lol, sounds weird/common but its awesome I find!!

After that, I finally do some cleaning in my room, changed bed sheet and quilt sheet to a new one and it looks great. However, I found that I bought a wrong set (I bought two). Well, I'm using a queen size bed and have a set of single size bed sheet set, anyone wants them? I'm giving away lol. Quite fascinated by the vacuum cleaner lol don't laugh at me, its a high powered one.

Now, I guess I'll just game and chill a little, maybe ask people out for dinner at mackers or somewhere. Probably get my paladin to level 80 (79 now lol).

Anyway, adios. The day shines bright for me, NO! It shine for my washing!